March 2021We are recruiting experienced Consents & Town Planning professionals


February 2021 …  Delighted to be providing our Consents & Engagement Services on the Southampton to London Pipeline Project … contact


January 2021We have moved to new offices at 20 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7AM


Dec 2020  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Clients for their business during this challenging year. Additionally, we would like to thank all our Suppliers and Partners who help us  improve the delivery of our services.

Thank you all and have a relaxing break with your families and loved ones …leo.

Note: Our head office will be closed from Thursday 24th December to the 3rd January inclusive.


Oct 2020Schofield Lothian partners with Wildlife Trusts

Schofield Lothian is now a business partner of the London and Birmingham & the Black Country Wildlife Trusts (representing two of Schofield Lothian’s major work locations). The Trusts are a charity dedicated to protecting wild spaces, through engaging diverse communities in nature.

The Wildlife Trusts primary objectives are: Conservation, Education and Research.

This year has brought into sharp focus the value of natural spaces close to home for so many people. The Wildlife Trusts want to see 30% of the UK’s lands and seas protected and restored for nature by 2030, so everyone is able to benefit from nature. By taking part in the Big Wild Walk Week and raising funds for the Trusts you will be helping to achieve this vision.

The Wildlife Trusts’ Big Wild Walk Week is taking place between Monday 26th October and Sunday 1st November and is a chance to get active, to discover local nature reserves and to raise funds for the Trusts’ work across the UK.

For more information on the Wildlife Trusts:

For more information on our environment services and activities, please contact John Pearson, Director, Environment Services


Oct 2020 …  Delighted to be technical lead on Ecology Services with an HS2 JV… contact


Sept 2020Our Commercial Management Services

Schofield Lothian has been delivering QS and commercial services for over 40 years. Our professional Commercial Management Services include: Estimating & Cost Planning, Procurement, Cost & Contract Management, and Audit & Assurance.

  • Estimating & Cost Planning … Estimating, Measurement & Quantification, Elemental cost planning & Benchmarking
  • Procurement … Strategy advice & production, Tendering (preparation, management and evaluation), Contract Document preparation & Reviewing Contracts
  • Cost & Contract Management … Quantity Surveying (valuations, change management, forecasting and cost reporting), Supply Chain Management, Risk & Value Management, Contract Services & Advisory, Commercial Contract Reviews, Dispute avoidance, management and resolution
  • Audit & Assurance … Drafting processes & procedures, Risk / Opportunity Reviews, Contract Compliance, Systems Integrity Audits, Cost Verification Audits, ‘Deep Dive’ Audits and Final Account Audits

We help our Clients manage cost, change and risk on infrastructure projects, looking at both pre- and post-contract commercial management across the lifecycle of projects.

Our Consultants are professionally qualified and experienced to deliver effective and sustainable solutions for your project.

We deliver these services via secondment, services teams or advisory.

If you would like more information on any of our Commercial Management Services, please contact Iain Watts, Director, Commercial Management Services,


Sept 2020 … Delighted to be delivering our Consents Services on another of the HS2 main works JVs … contact


Jul 2020Delighted to have been selected to provide Consents and Planning Services on one of the HS2 main works JVs … contact


June 2020Our Environmental Management Services

Schofield Lothian is an independent infrastructure consultancy.  We offer construction Environmental Management to major clients and contractors as part of our professional services.

We deliver pragmatic and practical project environmental management through the whole lifecycle of a project, from planning and design through to construction, post-construction and handover.  Our values led approach combined with practical on site experience enables our consultants to work collaboratively with your team to deliver and ensure environmental compliance and assurance for your projects.  Our services include:

  • Management Plans – Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), processes & procedures, risk & opportunities.
  • Onsite Environmental Management – permits, licences and consents, site inspections & monitoring, pollution prevention, materials management, training & communications.
  • Compliance & Assurance – legal compliance, auditing, subcontractor review, KPIs, CEEQUAL, sustainability assessment, reporting, innovation & best practice.

Our values led approach, combined with practical on-site environmental experience, enables our professionally qualified Environmental Consultants to work collaboratively with your project team. We work with clients and contractors to reduce project delays, manage costs and avoid reputational damage.

Andy Barnes, Senior Environmental Consultant, or John Pearson, Director, Environment Services,


June 2020World Environment Day

Friday 5th June is World Environment Day – an annual UN event. The aim of the day is to raise awareness of the environment and specific environmental issues, ranging from pollution to global warming and sustainable food production to protection of wildlife.

This year’s theme is biodiversity – a concern that is both urgent and existential. Biodiversity is all the different kinds of life you’ll find in one area—the variety of animals, plants, fungi, and even microorganisms like bacteria that make up our natural world.

We have experience in undertaking Biodiversity Net Gain assessments and providing advice to clients early on in the planning process to maximise the likelihood of achieving net gain.  Biodiversity Net Gain is an approach to development that leaves biodiversity in a better state than before (CIEEM, 2019).  Planning guidance and the emerging Environment Bill are pressing for built developments to obtain net gains in biodiversity.

The Thameslink Programme (TLP) was the first Network Rail Infrastructure Project to achieve net gain outcomes for biodiversity.  TLP partnered with the London Wildlife Trust to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain at key nature sites across London.  Schofield Lothian’s Environmental Managers worked throughout this programme, liaising with the London Wildlife Trust and helping to compile evidence of what was achieved.

Our Environment Services include: Ecology Services, Environmental Management Services and Environmental Consents. Please contact John, Laura or Andy if any of your Client contacts need help with their environmental issues on their infrastructure project.


May 2020Delighted to be selected to provide Commercial Management Services on the NR Digital Rail project … contact


Apr 2020 ... COVID-19 Update

During this very challenging period, we are continuing to support our Clients on their key infrastructure projects, while following the UK Government guidelines. Many of our Consultants are allowed by their Clients to work from home, while carrying out essential work on projects. The Board have a daily conference call to ensure the continued smooth running of the company and the Operations Team (Consents, Environment, Project Management & Commercial Management) are in regular contact with their teams.

If there are any specific enquiries or concerns you may have, please contact a member of the Board: Kevin Corcoran, kevincorcoran@schofieldllothian.comMike Upton, mikeupton@schofieldlothian.hfdev.ukLeo McAuliffe,


Apr 2020Delighted to be retained by NR to provide our Project Management Services in Anglia … contact


Mar 2020We recently sent this to all Employees …


Mar 2020Delighted to have been selected to provide Project Management Services on a large infrastructure project with a London Borough … contact


Feb 2020Our Audit & Assurance Services

Schofield Lothian offers Audit & Assurance Services to assist clients verify and validate costs, risks and assumptions on projects. We provide an insight into the cost management and contract compliance of projects. Our Audit & Assurance Services include:

  • System Integrity Audit … robust cost capture & control systems
  • Contract Compliance … contractual terms & conditions compliance
  • Cost Audits … validate costs presented, actual & justifiable
  • ‘Deep-Dive’ & Final Account Audits … inconsistencies, closing a contract, etc

For more detailed information on any of our Audit & Assurance Services, and how we can audit your project (delivery, support or advice), please contact: Iain Watts, Director, Commercial Management,  or Michelle Hopley, Associate Director,


Feb 2020 … Ecology Surveys in the Winter

Ecology surveys can still take place in the winter months especially for bats, badgers and wintering birds. Contact for more information.


Jan 2020Delighted to have been selected by a major Contractor to provide Consents & Engagement Services on the M42 Motorway … contact


Jan 2020Our Ecology Services

Schofield Lothian offers pragmatic ecology support throughout any given project lifecycle and strongly recommends planning Ecological Surveys early to fully understand potential ecological risks to your project. These risks could cause significant delay to programme, increased costs, and reputational damage. Our professional ecology services include:

  • Ecology Surveys – habitat, species, scoping, etc
  • Ecological Assessments – appraisals, impact assessments, regulations, BREEAM, biodiversity net gain, etc
  • Ecology Clerk of Works – site management & support, tool-box talks, etc

Our professionally accredited Ecologists work with Clients to reduce project delays, manage costs and avoid reputational damage.

For more info on how we can help you with your Ecology issues, please contact: Laura Cobden, Principal Ecologist,; John Pearson, Director, Environment Services,; or Mike Upton, Executive Director,


Jan 2020The Schofield Lothian Business System

We have recently updated our business system and reprinted Our SBS booklet. This booklet captures all the processes within the company which we use daily to develop, deliver and manage our professional services. It is often referred to as a ‘business management system’ or an ‘operational management system’, as part of the ISO standards.

Our SBS booklet contains the key elements of our four operational processes, our five shared services processes, and our five standards. It also highlights our values and our services. It also incorporates the QMS and EMS for ISO requirements. The ‘value chain’ graphic below gives you a good overview.

Primarily, Our SBS is an internal document which guides us in delivering value to our Clients by explaining the key elements of our processes. In addition, it forms a major part of our ISO and IIP annual audits (ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 18001 H&S and Investors in People). We also use it for all inductions with new employees.

If you require more information on the Schofield Lothian Business System, please contact Leo McAuliffe, Executive Director


December 2019  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Clients for their business during the year and we do hope we have contributed in some way to their success. Additionally we continue to work with our Suppliers and Partners to improve our services and increase ‘operational excellence’.

Thank you all and have a relaxing break with your families and loved ones …leo.

Note: Our head office will be closed from Wednesday 25th December to Wednesday 1st January inclusive.


November 2019  Delighted to be continuing to provide our Auditing Services with NR … contact


October 2019  Delighted to be continuing our Ecology Services on HS2 … contact


September 2019  Schofield Lothian climbs in the Building Top 150 Consultants

We are delighted to announce that we have climbed another 4 places to 54th overall, in the 2019 Top 150 Consultants survey (this ‘overall’ also includes Architects and Engineers), published by Building Magazine.

This is the fifth year we have increased our position, which is a great reflection on the excellent work you are all continuing to do, to help the business grow profitably and deliver added-value professional services to our Clients.

We have now moved from 81st to 67th to 63rd to 58th to 54th since our involvement.

Each year Building Magazine surveys and publishes a list of the top consultants in our industry, including Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Engineers and Architects. This year we are …

  • 54th in the overall Top 150, up from 58th last time
  • 37th in the Top 50 Surveyors (down two positions)
  • 21st in the Top 50 Project Managers (up one – we include our PM, CE & ES)

On further analysis, if we exclude the Architects we are 44th in the Top 150 and we are now a Top 15 SME Consultancy. Contact leo McAuliffe, Executive Director, for more information


September 2019  Delighted to be continuing to deliver our Consents Services on Thames Estuary … contact


June 2019  Delighted to continue to deliver our Project Management Services on Anglia LX … contact


June 2019  Delighted to be leading the delivering of Commercial Management Services in Derby … contact


May 2019  Are you ready for Bat Survey Season?

Now is the time to start planning ecology surveys for 2019. Most development proposals will have the potential to impact the local biodiversity. It is therefore important to be aware of when species specific surveys can be undertaken.

Bat activity surveys can be undertaken from April. Throughout March bats start to awaken from hibernation and forage on warmer nights. Between April and June females begin to gather in maternity roosts and high levels of feeding activity are observed as they recover the weight lost during the hibernation period.

Our in-house Ecology Services also include comprehensive project management of all of your protected habitat and species needs, so you can be confident in your project’s compliance; from planning through to post-construction monitoring.

For a more detailed discussion please contact Laura Cobden, Principal Ecologist,


April 2019  Proud to have been selected to deliver our Environmental Services on HS2 … contact


January 2019  Delighted to start delivering our Project Management Services on East Midlands Signalling … contact


For more information, please contact Leo McAuliffe, Executive Director,


T: 0207 842 0920 15 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EF