Cost effective construction project solutions through the application of cost, commercial, risk and value management.

We provide pre-contract and post-contract commercial management advice and resource support to our clients. Our consultants will lead and/or manage all estimating, procurement, pre and post contract commercial management and contractual administration for a programme of works to ensure the successful delivery of construction projects

Our Cost Management process involves monitoring, managing and controlling the actual costs against the estimate , understanding how and why actual costs occur, and ensuring that the necessary response is taken promptly to ensure actual costs meet or come under budget. Our cost reporting is a process which puts our clients in full control of the cost and value based decisios that impact the project. We incorporate risk and value management as part of this process, engaging with all stakeholders to ensure innovation and lean based decisions are captured.

As part of this cost management process to establish the total cost of ownership, we adopt a structured approach that addresses all the elements of cost used to produce a spend profile of the product or service over its anticipated life-span.

In the Contract and Commercial Management process we enable both parties to a contract to meet their obligations in order to deliver the objectives required from the contract. We support our Clients through this process by managing and delivering the tendering, contract procurement and contract administration through to successful handover and lessons learned. We manage in a proactive way and always seek to enhance value for clients during the commercial management process.

In our approach to Value Management we look to improve business decisions with the aim of maximising the overall performance of an organisation, increasing effectiveness and enhancing competitiveness. At the heart of this approach is optimising the conceptual, technical and operational aspects of a project’s deliverables. Our Strategic Procurement Services determines the high level principles, vision, mission and values and the creation of a specific or linked procurement strategies and sourcing delivery methods for a significant project or programme.


Our Quantity Surveying expertise includes the following professional services:

  • Benchmarking
  • Change Control
  • Commercial Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Control & Management
  • Cost Planning
  • Cost Value Reporting
  • Measurement & Quantification
  • Procurement
  • Project Cost Auditing
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Value Management
  • Whole Life Costing


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